The 5th Regular BALMAS Meeting took place in Venice, Italy from 3rd until 5th of November 2015, on which the most outstanding achievements on the BALMAS project were presented. This meeting was co-organized by the Lead Partner - Institute for Water of the Republic of Slovenia and by the project partner FB5 – National Research Council of Italy, Institute of Marine Science (CNR-ISMAR) which hosted the meeting in the Institute in Venice.


The aims of the 5th Regular BALMAS meeting were:

  1. to discuss in detail the streaming and finalized activities, results and outputs in each Work Package,
  2. to have discussion with the members of Reference User and Advisory Group,
  3. to make a decision about prolongation of the BALMAS project,
  4. to define further activities in each Work Package till end of BALMAS project.



The first day was dedicated firstly to the Evaluation Report and Financial Report on the BALMAS project and the project prolongation request was extensively discussed. Then, progresses in the WP2 and WP3 were presented: External Communication and General Dissemination, Scientific and Professional dissemination, updates of BALMAS webpage (WP2); Knowledge centre and Capacity Building (WP3). Analysis of shipping patterns in the Adriatic Sea, BW discharge patterns in the Adriatic, BWM methods for vessels and BWM and sediment management options for ports and shipyards were also presented. At the end of the first day meeting and during the second day all BALMAS project partners were able to present their up to date work and results related to Port baseline survey. Improvement in the Monitoring in Ports protocol, HAOP impacts and BALMAS port sampling database were showed. Rapid responses and remediation measures and Develop and test EWS were debated.


 BALMAS project partners during one of the meeting session

 Figure 1: BALMAS project partners during one of the meeting session.


At the end of the second day and during the last day the RA DSS for BWM, BWM RA for exemptions – Pilot Action , BWS methods and tools , BWS for compliance monitoring – Pilot Action, BALMAS BWM DSS as the Adriatic BWM system, EWS – Pilot Action , Integrated BWM Plan for Adriatic , BWRS - EWS – BWM DSS information system, Legal and policy -Institutional - Financial sustainability were debated. A Workshop on BWM Strategy for Adriatic was also organized as conclusion of the meeting. The second day ended with the projection of the official BALMAS documentary realized by an expert in charged of this mission, and thanks to the collaboration of each partner that took part to the video with interviews and sampling activities.



The 5th BALMAS meeting event was published on the local newspaper Nuova Venezia and is also available within our Knowledge Center using this link.


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