On Friday 25th occurred the big SHARPER event, the night of European Researchers. During this night all the researcher groups from the University of Ancona and CNR were involved to talk to the citizens about their activities and projects.


 Figure 1: SHARPER event poster on Dallaporta..


For this occasion, our research vessel Dallaporta was opened to all people that wanted to make a dive on the life on board and to hear about the project BALMAS. Almost one hundred visitors attended to the presentation of the project and enjoyed the guided tour of Dallaporta.


 Figure 2: Young public on Dallaporta attending the presentation of BALMAS..


The visit was animated by several questions and curiosities coming from the public; more than 80 brochures and stickers of BALMAS were distributed to the people.


 Figure 3: Group of people waiting to come on board and listening to Dr. Elisa Baldrighi about BALMAS project...

Published: Friday, 25 September 2015 10:04
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