In order to make aware people of ballast water issue and ecological problem caused by their use, we organized a seminar at ITIS high school of Ancona.

 For our first dissemination activity with young students we choose the “Volterra-Elia” nautical institute, since those people will be the very next generation involved in the sea life. The presentation, performed by Dr. Elisa Baldrighi, was first of all dedicated to explain the ecological risk induced by the ballast water discharged and the introduction of HAOP and NIS species. In the light of this, the importance of BALMAS project for the Adriatic sea, its objectives and our field activities.


 Figure 1: BALMAS Seminar at ITIS high school of Ancona.


The seminar, widely appreciated by teachers that attended the event, stimulated a long debate with students and several questions and curiosities. Up to now, this first dissemination and communication ‘experiment’ with a young public has been probably the most satisfactory!


Published: Tuesday, 26 May 2015 20:04
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