On 23rd April 2015, in the frame of the BALMAS IPA project, the first ballast water sampling test took place in Trieste on the oil tanker Gemini Sun.

 The tanks of the ship which contained ballast waters from the Black Sea, were sampled and immediately analyzed at the local OGS laboratories with the collaboration of the colleagues Elena Di Poi and Alessandra de Olazabal. 


 Figure 1: Marina Cabrini, Edvino Cociancich, Daniela Fornasaro and Federica Cerino of OGS and Erika Magaletti (ISPRA Rome).


The Italian BALMAS partners such as Erika Magaletti, Stefano Di Muccio, Andrea Tornambè from ISPRA-Roma, Elisa Baldrighi ISMAR-CNR-Ancona, Mauro Bastianini and Francesca Garaventa ISMAR-CNR-Venezia together with the staff of OGS-Trieste, Rocco Auriemma, Edvino Cociancich, Federica Cerino, Walter Dellisanti, Cinzia Fabbro, Daniela Fornasaro and Antonio Montanari, Saverio Macchia from the Coast Guard Headquarters – Italian Ministry of Infrastucture and Transport and David Matej (ballast water expert) took part in the Ballast Water Sampling test occurred in Trieste and coordinated by Marina Cabrini in collaboration with Maria Giovanna Girardi –Trieste Coast Guard.


 Figure 2: Temperature and salinity in-tank sampling by means of conductivity meter.



 Figure 3: Net sampling via man-hole by OGS staff.

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