On February 26th, a preliminary workshop to the 4th BALMAS meeting in Durrës was held at the CNR-ISMAR Research Institute in Ancona (Italy).


Institutes involved in the project (ISMAR-CNR of Venezia, Ancona and Lesina; OGS; ISPRA; Centro Ricerche Marine; University of Urbino; CNR-IAMC Taranto) took part to the meeting, during which the first port baseline survey (PBS) results from the main ports of Trieste, Venezia, Ancona and Bari have been showed.


The main aims of the workshop were:

  • Sampling activities made till now (where, when, biotic and abiotic parameters collected) and next (last) sampling activities for the PBS;
  • Comparison of preliminary results on human pathogens, dinoflagellate cysts, fito- and zooplankton, macrofitobenthos and macrozoobenthos, fishes obtained from the 4 selected Italian ports;
  • Discussion about problems emerged during the analyses and limits in methods used to assess the presence of pathogens, NIS and HAOP from waters and sediments;
  • Suggestion to modify existing protocols that will be presented to the other partners during the upcoming meeting in Durrës. For instance, the introduction of a molecular approach to implement results obtained through the microscope and culture essay for dinoflagellate cysts and pathogens detection in waters and sediments;
  • BALMAS data base compilation During the workshop some points of weakness emerged, such as:
    1. the lack of an effective taxonomists network;
    2. practical taxonomic keys to identify known and unknown/NIS species;
    3. update monitoring system for the ship traffic.


All the preliminary results, suggested changes to the PBS protocols and weakness points will be presented during the 4th BALMAS meeting in Albania.



Published: Monday, 02 March 2015 10:04
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