The third BALMAS Info day took place in Trieste (Italy), on 5th of Dicember 2014 at the local Coastal Guard.

The event was organized by OGS (National Institute of Oceanography and Experimental Geophysics) of Trieste to inform researchers maritime stakeholders, local authorities and mass-media about the BALMAS project (Figure 1).


Figure 1Coastal Guard meeting room.


The aim of this event was to disseminate and to increase awareness of the Ballast Water issues within the Adriatic Sea. The Info day was opened by Paola Del Negro (Figure 2), the Director of the OGS OCE section and prof. Maria Cristina Pedicchio the President of OGS.

Figure 2Marina Cabrini and Paola Del Negro.


The state of the art, major risks for the human health and the environment related to Ballast Waters as well as the involvement of the italian project partners in the frame of BALMAS were presented by the invited speakers (OGS (Figure 3), CNR- ISMAR, ISPRA, the Marine Research Centre Foundation, the Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport – Coastal Guard Headquarters Figure 4). 


Figure 3Marina Cabrini (OGS).


 Figure 4Cosmo Forte – Coastal Guard Headquarters.




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