Four seasonal campaigns are sheduled in 2014 at six sampling sites within the Port Authority of Trieste and at a control site offshore the Marine Park of Miramare according to the Port Baseline Survey (PBS) protocols in the frame of the Monitoring Programme - BALMAS WP 5.2.

 On 23rd September 2014, the 3rd BALMAS PBS sampling of the water column was held by OGS (National Institute of Oceanography and Experimental Geophysics) in the Port of Trieste with the partnership of the local Coast Guard.



Environmental and biotic parameters were sampled at the surface and bottom layer.



Environmental variables such as temperature and salinity were measured using a multiparametric probe, water samples taken from the optic layers by means of Niskin bottles in order to determine both oxygen nutrients and Chlorophyll whereas transparency determined by means of the Secchi disk.



Phytoplankton was horizontally and vertically towed (bottom vs surface) by means of a planktonic net (20 µm mesh size) and cells, kept alive and stored immediately on board according to standard protocols. Mesozooplankton was collected from the bottom to the surface by means of a WP2 net (200 µm mesh size) and stored immediately.


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