Between the end of October and the first week of November, the seasonal water and sediment sampling was carried on in the port of Ancona by CNR-ISMAR.

 Salinity, temperature, oxygen and water samples for chemical analyses (chlorophyll-a and nutrients) were collected from the selected stations inside and outside the port. From the same sampling sites the surface water and sediment samples were collected to assess the presence of pathogens.


 Figure 1: Box-corer retrieval during the sampling in the Ancona port.


The depth of the sampling stations was between 6 and 10 m inside the port and 14-15 m outside. Sediment samples for pathogens were collected by the use of a box-corer to keep the surface intact. The top 1 cm was preserved in sterile test-tubes with filtered (0.22 µm) sea water and immediately processed in our laboratory.


 Figure 2: Addition of filtered sea water to the sediment.



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