On 17th and 18th of September 2014 BALMAS workshop and training on Ballast Water Sampling and Analysis (BWS & A) took place in Piran, Slovenia.

 The workshop and training aimed at compliance monitoring and reinforcement of the Ballast Water Management Convention and for scientific purposes. The proposed practical part was hosted by Marine Biology Station - National Institute of Biology, organized by the leading project partner Institute for Water of the Republic of Slovenia in correspondence with two main external scientific advisors Dr. Matej David- Dr. Matej David Consult and Dr. Stephan Gollasch- GoConsult.



Dr. Stephan Gollasch and Dr. Matej David provided state of the art knowledge on ballast water sampling and analysis, training and scientific coordination in correlation with the upcoming BALMAS project proposal plan.



On the first day two workshops were conducted at the National Institute of Biology (Marine Biology Station in Piran). As for the state of the art Dr. Matej David outlined the work package (WP) 7.2 and WP 9.4 activities and outputs.

The main goals of Activity 7.2 Ballast Water Sampling (BWS) methods and tools for Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement (CME) and environmental pressures studies are to develop and test tools to increase the control over ballast water discharges. Focal point of the activity is to provide one set of missing tools for ballast water sampling and sample analysis for each participating country for indicative and detailed tests for in-tank and at-discharge sampling. From the scientific point of view the main goal for sampling ballast water is to identify organisms in ballast water that will be discharged in the port, possibly to species level, to identify harmful aquatic organisms and pathogens and to compare the results of ballast water with the port baseline survey results.



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