3rd regular BALMAS meeting took place from 7th until 9th of October 2014. It was organized by the leading project partner Institute for Water of the Republic of Slovenia and hosted by the University of Montenegro - Institute of Marine Biology.


First day had been dedicated extensively to workshops focused on Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement (CME), Ballast Water Management Decision Support System (BWM DSS), BWM Plan for Adriatic, Integrated BALMAS BWM DSS internet information system and its components (Ballast Water Reporting information system, Early Warning information system, BWM DSS information system and Web application) and Port Baseline Chemical Survey. Mr. Jan Linders, Chair of GESAMP-BWWG and honorable member of BALMAS Reference user and advisory group, presented subject related to the Methodology of using Active Substances and demonstrated the MAMPEC model used for calculation of the expected substances and ballast water discharge into ports. Second and third day were dedicated to presentations of current execution and future work of BALMAS project activities on technical and horizontal WPs. During BALMAS 3rd Regular Meeting in Kotor, BALMAS project partners were able to present their up to date work related to internet GIS viewer of analyzed shipping patterns, analyses of ballast water discharge patterns, port baseline surveys activities, port baseline survey and monitoring database, etc.

Published: Thursday, 09 October 2014 20:04
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