Two BALMAS campaigns were carried out in the port of Trieste in May and June 2014.


Either the water column and the sediments were sampled with the partnership of the Coast Guard of Trieste and of the divers staff of S. Benedetto del Tronto.


Figure 1: Sampling of macroalgae and macrozoobenthos on hard substrates supported by the Coast Guard in May 2014


In May 2014, undisturbed surface sediments samples were collected by means of a gravity corer equipped with plexiglas cylinder of 13 cm diameter (see Figures 2-4). Triplicate sediment subsamples (cores of short diameter) were obtained from corers.

Figure 2: Sampling of sediments.


Figure 3: Sampling of sediments.


Figure 4: Sampling of sediments.


 Figure 5: The operative staff of the Coast Guard of Trieste.


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