In June and July sampling continues in the Port of Koper by the FB1 National Institute of Biology, Marine Biology Station, Piran, Slovenia. 


The sampling is performed in all three basins of the port of Koper as each basin has its own specifics:

  • the 1st basin is being deepened (middle and outer part of the basin, for cca 1.5m)
  • the 2nd basin is influenced by the river Rižana, which outfalls in this basin and
  • in the 3rd basin ships transporting coal are berthed. Pieces of coal sometimes accumulate on the surface and are bounded with barrages and removed.

In all three basins ships discharge ballast waters. 


Figure 1: Retrieval of sediment core. 


Core samples were taken for meiofauna and dinoflagellate cysts on 11th June. The depth of the sampling stations was 11-13 m in the port basins and 17 m outside the port.


Figure 2: Core sample for meiofauna analysis. 


 Figure 3: Slicing the sediment for dynoflagellate cysts sample.


 Additionally, on the 2nd and 12th of June and on the 4th of July sampling of macrofauna and flora was performed in the 1st and 3rd basin. The sampling was done along vertical transects on the wall and on three piles. Three sampling frames were fixed to the surface at different depths.


Figure 4: Divers preparing for the sampling of port piles. 


Quantitative destructive sampling of flora and fauna were performed by carefully scraping all organisms inside each sampling frame into collecting bags. Photographs of fouling communities were taken before scraping the sampling surface. Additional photographs of fouling communities in adjacent areas were made. 


Figure 5: Scratching macrofauna and macroflora from surfaces in the 3rd basin.

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