This intensive meeting is yet another opportunity for all partners to meet and exchange knowledge and ideas. We will dedicate our time to workshops where port baseline surveys, early warning system and ballast water management, sampling tools and approaches will be highlighted in the first half of the meeting.

Institute for water of the Republic of Slovenia, Italian National Institute for Environmental Protection and Research (ISPRA) and Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries from Split, Croatia will lead all the workshops. Second half of the meeting will be dedicated to sustainability and communication and dissemination. National Institute of Biology, Marine Biology Station Piran, Slovenia will join the mentioned institutions in giving presentations. Rudjer Boškovic Institute – Center for Marine Research from Rovinj, Croatia; Mare Nostrum – Association of Croatian Shipowners; Ministry of the Maritime Affairs, Transport and Infrastructure from Croatia and National Research Council – Institute of Marine Sciences from Italy will be among our lecturers. See you in Split for a hopefully yet another fruitful event! All files will be downloadable from our Knowledge Center.


Update - 16th of April 2014

10/04/14 Strategic BALMAS project 2ndRegular Meeting in Split, Croatia in April 2014

Second Regular Meeting of the BALMAS project took place from April 8th until April 10th 2014 in the Diocletian Palace in Split, Croatia. Meeting was organized by the Institute for Water of the Republic of Slovenia and hosted by the Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries in Split.The aims of the meeting related to planned workshops, to discuss current activities, results and outputs related to work packages, to improve internal project management, reporting requirements and to have discussions with the members of Reference User and Advisory Group.


Project partners had as well discussed about fruitful progress of the BALMAS project in the first two reporting periods and afterwards they had discussed proposed ideas for future improved collaboration and resolved open questions. Since the last Regular BALMAS Meeting which took place in Piran, Slovenia in the middle of January 2014, a great amount of work had been carried out related to specific work packages. As the first sampling related to port baseline survey is approaching very fast, the sampling procedure was a frontline discussion. Accordingly, final improvements regarding the BALMAS Port Baseline Survey Protocol were discussed. Major progress was done related to the first two activities of work package 6 for which two final reports were written: Review of Early Warning Systems worldwide and Review of Marine Strategy Framework Directive concerning Descriptor 2 – Non- indigenous species. Risk assessment in the ballast water management and ballast water sampling techniques were presented for all partners during the workshop of the WP7 in order to be able to initialize this part of the project activities in the near future.


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