One of the balmas milestones is the creation of the database. Here, all data from port monitoring and information about harmful aquatic organisms and pathogens will be stored. Selected ports will contribute to database upload.

An effective and standardized monitoring system is essential in order to be able to integrate and compare data from selected Adriatic ports, like Port of Koper and Port of Trieste. Monthly sampling methods have to include:

o    sampling and measurements of basic oceanographic data
o    pH measurements
o    chemical parameters (colorimetric analysis)
o    assessment of phytoplankton biomass
o    qualitative and quantitative analysis of phytoplankton community by optical microsopy
o    use of HPLC methods to asses photosynthetic pigment composition as a tool to study phytoplankton diversity
o    pathogens survey
o    sampling of zoobenthos and fitobenthos done twice per year



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